[arch-dev-public] Second list of removal candidates

Eric Belanger belanger at ASTRO.UMontreal.CA
Wed Nov 14 19:15:16 EST 2007

On Wed, 14 Nov 2007, Roman Kyrylych wrote:

>> font-bh-ttf     should we keep it?
> I can maintain it in Community, you can move it right there (if there
> are no objections).
> Instead, I'd like to bring ttf-freefont and ttf-liberation to Extra,
> which are much more important.

Why moving it (and the other packages you propose to adopt) to community? 
Why not adopting them and maintaining them in extra? To me it seems like 
unecessary work, unless you have a personal preference in maintaining suff 
in community.  I don't see any problem in keeping most of these packages 
in extra IF they have a maintainer. The 'if' is the key part here.  Some 
of the packages that were/will be removed are more worthy to remain in 
extra than some stupid package like xsnow but the fact of the matter is 
that they don't have a maintainer while xsnow has one.  Unless someone 
think of them being worthy enough to say: "Wait a minute! This package 
should stay in extra. We must find a maintainer for it.", much like what 
has happened with bind and exim, they 'll go in unsupported.

>> gnet1   unused lib
> Hm, probably it is a (make)depend for some community package IIRC,
> but that's not critical if you move it to Unsupported (can be moved
> back to Community if needed).

Before removing anything, I'll check for community repo dependencies and 
such packages will be moved directly in community.

>> gstreamer0.10-alsaspdif
>> gstreamer0.10-cdaudio
>> gstreamer0.10-jack      should not be removed (drastic loss of function for any gstreamer using app) - if nobody takes the gstreamer pkgs, i will (damir)
>> gstreamer0.10-mpeg2enc
>> gstreamer0.10-musicbrainz
>> gstreamer0.10-pitfdll
>> gstreamer0.10-sndfile
>> gstreamer0.10-wavpack
>> gstreamer0.10-x264
> IMO all gsteamer0.10 packages should be kept in the same repo (Extra)
> for easier maintainence. I can offer my help in this.

I also think it would be nice if they stay in extra.  I could also help 
out in maintaining some of them or their dependencies.

>> lineak_defaultplugin    The lineak packages could be substituted by my (Eric) keytouch pkg in community. It has more dependencies (gtk2) but has much or more functionality.
>> lineak_xosdplugin       same comment as above
> Lineak is pretty old but it may still be used by someone. I think it
> shouldn't be just deleted, but moved to Unsupported.

That's what I meant: moving lineak to unsupported and keytouch to extra 
(after the cleanup, I plan to consolidate my packages so some (all?) my 
community packages will be moved to extra).

>> xpdf-arabic     i18n support, should be kept
>> xpdf-chinese-simplified i18n support, should be kept
>> xpdf-chinese-traditional        i18n support, should be kept
>> xpdf-cyrillic   i18n support, should be kept
>> xpdf-greek      i18n support, should be kept
>> xpdf-hebrew     i18n support, should be kept
>> xpdf-japanese   i18n support, should be kept
>> xpdf-korean     i18n support, should be kept
>> xpdf-latin2     i18n support, should be kept
>> xpdf-thai       i18n support, should be kept
>> xpdf-turkish    i18n support, should be kept
> Weren't we going to remove xpdf from Extra? (and lesstiff?)
> If no, then xpdf maintainer should maintain packages above, I think.

xpdf is one of the rare packages that have a maintainer but were submitted 
to removal. The others are achessclock and arch. I had planned bringing 
that up later on. Anyway, I won't remove these packages without the 
consent of their current maintainer.

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