[arch-dev-public] Questionable apps in core/support

Aaron Griffin aaronmgriffin at gmail.com
Tue Nov 27 13:53:34 EST 2007

I just came across a couple of things in core/support that seemed odd
to me, and wanted to ask you guys what you thought:

support was intended to be apps which "help out" or "support" the rest
of core - like when installing and things like that.

a) screen
While this is an important app, sure, does it belong in core?

b) hdparm and sdparm
I don't see how these work in "support" - as the very least I'd put
them at the same mental level as acpi and pm-utils

c) openswan/openvpn/vpnc
I'm on the fence here. I mean, I could see VPN connections being
needed at some point during an install or something of the sort, but
at the same time, why do we have 3 VPN apps there?

Anyone want to clarify or give me your opinions here?

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