[arch-dev-public] Third list of removal candidates

Eric Belanger belanger at ASTRO.UMontreal.CA
Tue Nov 27 17:55:19 EST 2007

On Tue, 27 Nov 2007, Jan de Groot wrote:

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>> Onderwerp: [arch-dev-public] Third list of removal candidates
>> genius	Roman: it's a gnome app. Description: Advanced calculator
> Wasn't genius still maintained? It's on my list to-update applications when
> I get to updating gnome packages again

I'm not sure if I understand what you wrote but if you are currently 
maintaining (updating & fixing) genius and want to continue, please adopt 
it. According to the dashboard, it is listed as an orphan.

>> gnome-audio 	audio files for gnome. Part of gnome-extra group. Any
>> takers? Jan? Roman?
> I'll take it, it doesn't need any maintenance as it never gets updated. Not
> sure about it future though, but we'll see by the time GNOME decides to
> replace it (there's a discussion about sounds on desktop-devel-list)

Don't forget to adopt it (via the dashboard).

>> libgnomesu	gksu and kdesu provide same functionality
> AFAIK it's "needed" by gnome-system-monitor, but it could be libgksu that is
> required by that thing. I'll maintain it if there's a package in extra that
> needs it.

No package depends on it (the same goes for all packages in these lists). 
gnome-system-monitor depends on libgksu. Do you still want it?

>> nss_ldap	Description: The nss_ldap module provides the means for
>> pam_ldap	Description: The pam_ldap module provides the means for
> I use it on my arch box. If nobody wants to maintain it, I'll do.
>> pdns-ldap	unused lib, might be included in pdns (currently orphaned)
>> pdns-mysql	unused lib, might be included in pdns (currently orphaned)
>> pdns-pgsql	unused lib, might be included in pdns (currently orphaned)
>> pdns-recursor	Description: PowerDNS recursor
> I'll update powerdns soon and merge the pdns-* things in it. Pdns-recursor
> stays standalone. Don't remove it, powerdns is pretty useless without a
> recursor for most people.

OK, don't forget to adopt them. ;) You'll also want pdns too.

>> perl-email-date	unused perl module. To Jan: You added it to the repo
> It was added as dependency to some other perl module. I don't add perl
> modules for fun.

No package depends on perl-email-date. I get these information by grepping 
the up-to-date cvs tree. You also added the following packages on the 
same day:

These perl modules are all orphaned and, apart from a couple of 
inter-dependency between them, are not makedepends or depends of any other 
packages in the repo. Either the package that depended on it has been 
removed from the repo or it was removed from its depends array. Or 
something else happened.

>> vbetool	Description: vbetool uses lrmi in order to run code from
> Used by pm-utils AFAIK.

pm-utils only depends on glibc. No package depends on vbetool.

Thanks for the input.

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