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Damir Perisa damir.perisa at solnet.ch
Mon Oct 1 22:26:43 EDT 2007

Tuesday 02 October 2007, Aaron Griffin wrote:
 | On 10/1/07, Travis Willard <travis at archlinux.org> wrote:
 | > I'm trying to start jogging to lose some weight.  260lbs is a
 | > bit much for my tastes.
 | Heh. I've done two little blog posts about weight loss recently.
 | The second one sucks and I want to combine it with the first. Soon
 | I plan on going into a follow-up about exercise.
 | See, I was, a while back, what jeff calls "hyperfocused" on weight
 | loss. I did 210->165 (sorry guys, Imperial units) in about 3 or 4
 | months. And it wasn't starvation or anything. I'm not very good at
 | staying at 165 though - that's what I get for having hobbies that
 | mean I sit on my ass.
swimming is better for your joints. but great you managed it. by the 
way: it also depends on the bacteria strains in your digestive system 
how efficiently you are taking up nutrients and what your 
storage<->food intake efficiency is. there are some quite interesting 
studies going on at the moment. as the bacteria strains depend (also) 
on what you eat, how, and how often, it may be interesting to try to 
change your eating style. experiment, be creative... and in case you 
find something interesting, please report back ... maybe we can 
publish a study ;)

 | > I actually personally don't drink any alcohol, personal and
 | > religious reasons, but that makes me a great designated driver! 
 | > :D
 | That has always impressed the hell out of me. Not religious
 | convictions, per se, but _convictions_. People who do what they
 | want because THEY believe it, and don't back down.
 | I find it amazing, so keep it up!
i agree. believing in ones proper principles (or convictions) is the 
only way to be true to oneself.

 | On 10/1/07, Damir Perisa <damir.perisa at solnet.ch> wrote:
 | > my most time intensive hobby is not arch but photography. have a
 | > look here: http://lux.perisa.ch
 | Wow that's a) new to me, and b) damned impressive. Photography is
 | one of those hobbies I'm jealous of. 

thanx. if you need any of the pictures bigger... say as background or 
so, pass me a line... all of my pictures i release under CC licence 
up to UXGA size.

 | I don't have the eye for it, but if I could do it, I would
 | constantly. 
that's exactly how it works. once you start, you cannot really stop. i 
cannot understand why people smoke, why they take drugs, why they do 
stupid destructive things... except... when i compare it to actions i 
see as valuable and creative and constructive to myself and keep 
doing, keep following without any intention to restrain myself. 

as for your eye... maybe the following thoughts help: 

if you have a camera, try the following: leave it at home!

go on a trip, go somewhere, where you would like to take some 
pictures - without the camera! without anything! just your eyes! :)  
it sounds a little bit strange, but I (and i'm sure you too) see much 
better without any gadgets or machines. find a way to look at things 
in different ways. do not let the form of the every day life hold you 
back. if you think on a street you have to look closer on a stone on 
the street, do it. others may look strange, but you will be the one 
who will look from an unexpected angle at the street, at the people 
at whatever you like. you will get the impression of the street in a 
way the others will not. ;)

next time when you take your camera with you, you will experience two 
* the limitation of the camera compared to the human eyes (also with 
20 different lenses in your bags, the human eye is still better in 
resolving things) 
* the urge to try things out like you did before without the camera.

now if you have a digital one, i would suggest that you just start 
trying out no matter of memory or battery - both must not be the 
limiting factor. ... and start again... the first round will be 90% 
crap. the second will be better... i am now at the stage that i keep 
85% of the pictures taken. 
... and never forget the most important thing: have fun!

 | > what else is social about me?... hmm... i started learning to
 | > dance tango about half a year ago and really like it... i know
 | > some standard dances but tango is worlds better in my mind at
 | > this stage.
 | Man, I have been seriously thinking about learning swing dancing.
 | Don't ask me why, because I have _no_ idea.
just do it! i like swing music, but do not know to dance. would be 
great to know it... hope i get the opportunity in the following years 
somewhen ;)

 | > another thing: i like cooking and experimenting with food
 | Oh man, my last experiment with food was a mild success. It
 | involved chopped sirloin, black beans, melted cheddar cheese, and
 | mole sauce. I have no idea what I was going for... something
 | mexican-ish. But it ended up like spicy cheese soup.

the cheddar is too dominant :) but without it may actually be 
interesting. beans with this kind of meat go usually well. what sauce 
did you do? "mole" as far i know means sauce, or is this a special 
one i don't know?

you can try mild cheddar... or another cheese that is not so 
prominent, if you want to taste the rest of the components more. such 
sirloin chili are not too difficult to get started but to ballance 
them out to be perfect is actually quite difficult.
you can also try to use other meat. i don't know the mexican way and 
the way you did it, but what i do is:

put some onion, ginger or galgan (depending on what you like) in cocos 
fat (do not use olive oil!) heat it up at >140°C (that's why - olive 
oil is not stable at this temperature) of heat (above this 
temperature the membranes of the muscle tissue in meat get destroyed 
and the sugars react with aminoacids to build this brown delicious 
crust - little bit of molecular cooking here *smile* - further 
reading: Maillard-reaction). mix the spices with flour and salt. put 
the meat in the warm oil and make it change colour. then add the 
spices-flour mix to it and mix till every meat gets it around. then i 
add 1-2dl of water and about the same ammount of cream followed by 
cooking the whole thing under low heat for some time (depending on 
the meat used). during this, you can add little sugar, adjust salt to 
your likeness. now you can make some vegetables aside and/or mix them 
together. - goes very well with light side dishes (noodles, rice, 
lentils, ...). ... the lightest and best meat for this i prefer 
chicken breast (cut in small pieces) or other such meats. 

mjam... i'm kind of having just another idea for a dish now... :)

- D

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