[arch-dev-public] pacbuild status

Jason Chu jason at archlinux.org
Tue Oct 2 14:27:46 EDT 2007

Ok, I missed sending this out last week.

I really need to put more time into pacbuild.  It has a todo list now of
the things I think it needs to be used in production.  It's in the git
repo, but I'll repost it here.

I'll explain some of the points better

- Better logging in apple

  * There have been lots of requests for more logging in general.  I'm
    trying to get the python logging module working with apple and

- Automatic chroot rebuilding (either triggered by apple or a "no update since" timer)

  * I wanted to see what Aaron's chroot building code looked like, it's
    possible I'd want to replace waka with it.

- Unionfs

  * This is all in the chroot building as well.  These days my package
    cache is so big and my free space is so small that unionfs will be the only
    way I can keep testing.
  * Simo has a patch or two that started adding unionfs but it needed more
    testing.  Again, I'm waiting on Aaron's mkarchroot.

- Dependency handling (know what packages other packages depend on)
  - Repo contents knowledge
    - Apple will have to know all the versions of all the packages in all the repos for all the architectures
  - New status -- inrepo
    - When a package moves from built to in the repo, we need to know its the one we can access and no others
  - New status -- depwait
    - When a package can't be built because another package isn't built yet

  * These are the meat of the delay.  I need to change some of the
    architecture of pacbuild's db.  I learned a lot reading about debian's

  * I may even get rid of the multiple architectures in a single apple db
    decision.  I originally put them all together because I wanted arches
    to be able to build the same packages, but I eventually realized that
    the apple daemon isn't the right place for that.

- Update pacman python module (because the one with namcap currently sucks)

  * This one will be easy.  I already rewrote the namcap pacman module, now
    I just have to use the new module when implementing the "Dependency
    handling" task.

There's my pacbuild status.  I'm trying to devote a handful of hours to
arch development on saturdays when my girlfriend is studying, so I'm hoping
to at least move forward on these things soon.

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