[arch-dev-public] 2007.10 ISO release on saturday 6th october?

Simo Leone simo at archlinux.org
Thu Oct 4 03:49:32 EDT 2007

You know, it's funny how we said at some point that it'd be nice to pass
announcements by the list before posting them, and yet no one has yet to
actually suggest improvements. That's ok, I'll give it a whack. I've
made the edits inline, with a couple explanations following the whole

Also sidenote: let's pick a new codename. Aaron? Since you're the boss I
think this one's for you :)

Also sidenote 2: do we really need to be posting the whole changelog to
the front page news, or would something like this suffice?
Hey Archers! Today's your lucky day because we're releasing a brand
spanking new set of ISO's! That's right, Arch 2007.10, codenamed
"Changing of the Guard", is already well on its way to the mirrors, and
seeds are popping up on the torrents.

Notable changes include:
- More RAM usage! Go buy some new hardware! (just kidding)
- Revamped to work with our new repo layout
- Some other nifty stuff (check out the changelog!)

Drop it like...err...get it while it's hot! Have fun!

Enough sidenotes, here's my edited version:
> Hi Arch community,
> Arch Linux 2007.10, "Don't Panic" has been released.
> This is the first release to use our new repo layout.
> There are two ISOs, ftp and core.
> Changelog:
> - kernel usage
> - disabled arch_addons hook by default, it is now triggered by arch-addons
>   boot parameter
> RAM usage has increased, these are the new recommendations:
> - 256 MB (FTP-ISO,CORE-ISO arch boot image)
> - 96 MB (CORE-ISO lowmem boot image)
> - fixed the nasty /dev mount bug
> - fixed the /dev/ttyS0 errors if no serial port is installed in the system
> - fixed repositories in install environment to fit to both architectures
> - fixed km to not show broken chars after exit
> - fixed grub installing with xfs filesystem
> - fixed package clearing if setup option was chosen
> - added pptpclient to install environment
> - added sdparm to install environment
> - added all free wireless drivers to install environment
> - added intel wireless drivers to install environment which will be activated
>   by intel-wireless boot parameter
> - added hosts.deny and hosts.allow to config editing dialog
> - added licenses to install environment
> - added new lowmem boot image to core iso
>   stripped everything out that is not necessary for installation
> As usual check md5sum before using the images and also be aware of the new
> RAM recommendations the images have.
> Have fun
> greetings
> tpowa
> --- end

I made the most changes to the opening, fixing sentence fragments and
use of first person (this is a team effort, after all, even if not so
many of us worked on the ISO itself). Random little things otherwise.

I hope that's helpful, if even a little.

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