[arch-dev-public] 2007.10 ISO release on saturday 6th october?

Paul Mattal paul at mattal.com
Thu Oct 4 11:16:54 EDT 2007

Tobias Powalowski wrote:
>> I am clearly against releasing this Saturday. We should wait for 2.6.23
>> with the next release, as it is going to be there really soon. My guess
>> is we could release 2007.10 with Linux 2.6.23 on October 13th or 20th.
>> Releasing now and then again two weeks later will only confuse people.
> Mmm let me see people complain everywhere that ftp is not working atm.
> Old isos have all itches and bugs, which people also complain about.
> i don't see a reason to delay it, i want a stable installation iso with .22 
> kernel. Then we have enough time for fixing issues in .23 and release a new 
> one at the beginning of november with a new release name.
> I would be really happy if someone of the dev crew would test the ISOs, yet 
> only Romashka and Ise did a short run on iso -0.1, the rest was done by forum 
> people.
> I tested ftp and hd installation with all filesystems, setup and quickinst.
> intel wireless was reported working by one on forum, other wireless stuff is 
> untested but should work because no bug report about it is found on 
> bugtracker.
> About new Codename, pretty late the isos are created and so are the messages 
> created. The descission last time was a new codename on new major kernel 
> version, so this would be .23 not .22.
> That are my thoughts about it, let's vote about releasing it.
> +1 from me

I was not aware the most current installer had debilitating issues. 
Based on the ensuing conversation, I am +1 for the release now. 
Especially if releasing stable .22 now will keep us from rushing the 
.23 release out.

- P

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