[arch-dev-public] hidden dependencies

Aaron Griffin aaronmgriffin at gmail.com
Sun Oct 7 08:05:43 EDT 2007

On 10/7/07, Andreas Radke <a.radke at arcor.de> wrote:
> I want to ask something about our own packaging rules. Right now we
> don't add any dependencies that are already covered by another. Namcap
> usually tells you that right.
> But this makes it hard to do all the .so rebuilds or if you simply want
> to check over all packages where a pkg foo is a dependency.
> This is what I use for checking the deps:
> [andyrtr at workstation64 cvs]$ grep -l libpcap `find . -name PKGBUILD`
> ./arch/build/base/ppp/PKGBUILD
> ./arch/build/base/libpcap/PKGBUILD
> ./arch/build/network/nmap/PKGBUILD
> ./arch/build/network/ngrep/PKGBUILD
> ./arch/build/network/tcpdump/PKGBUILD
> ./arch/build/network/wireshark/PKGBUILD
> ./core/base/ppp/PKGBUILD
> ./core/base/libpcap/PKGBUILD
> ./core/support/ppp/PKGBUILD
> ./extra/lib/libnetdude/PKGBUILD
> ./extra/lib/libnids/PKGBUILD
> ./extra/lib/libpcapnav/PKGBUILD
> ./extra/emulators/user-mode-linux/PKGBUILD
> ./extra/network/lft/PKGBUILD
> ./extra/network/nmap/PKGBUILD
> ./extra/network/ntop/PKGBUILD
> ./extra/network/ngrep/PKGBUILD
> ./extra/network/ulogd/PKGBUILD
> ./extra/network/etherape/PKGBUILD
> ./extra/network/tcpdump/PKGBUILD
> ./extra/network/ssldump/PKGBUILD
> ./extra/network/ettercap/PKGBUILD
> ./extra/network/kismet/PKGBUILD
> ./extra/network/wireshark/PKGBUILD
> ./extra/network/xprobe/PKGBUILD
> ./extra/network/tcptraceroute/PKGBUILD
> ./extra/system/snort/PKGBUILD
> ./extra/daemons/knockd/PKGBUILD
> Do you know any way to write some code for namcap or checkpkg to show
> those hidden "already covered by another dep" dependencies?

Yeah, this is doable, but not always what we want.

If I had some lib, say liblol, that was a dep of bash, and my bash
script here depends on bash - this packages doesn't need a rebuild due
to liblol.

I think these situations are rare, and it would be much better to
maintain a manual list in these cases.

I can whip something up that will list the entire dep tree of a
package if you'd like. Can you post it in the bug tracker and assign
it to me so that I can keep track of things?

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