[arch-dev-public] Where [erxtra] ends and [community] begins

Damir Perisa damir.perisa at solnet.ch
Sun Oct 14 17:47:35 EDT 2007

Sunday 14 October 2007, Roman Kyrylych wrote:
 | IMHO Core and Extra should contain essential packages that are
 | used by majority of users.
 | But if some developer use some very specific niche package - it
 | shouldn't be in Extra, IMHO. Won't be Community or even
 | Unsupported enought for such packages?

there is no such thing as a humble opinion

if it is an essential pkg for a niche (i.e. molecular biology) and a 
dev is using it, then why not offering it officially?

 | Core/Extra means "official and well-supported" for most users.


 | While Community/Unsupported is kind of "50 text editors more and
 | also that nice Gtk theme".

that happens to be, yes. 

 | IMVHO all games except those that are official part of Gnome and
 | KDE package sets and also rarely used scientific packages would
 | fit Community well, while can still be maintained by developers.

stop being humble :) ... try being human :D

why distinguish between the ones from gnome and kde and the rest?

"rarely used scientific packages" - can you compare the usage of such 
a pkg to e.g. scribus? please show me the numbers of stats of the 
last year in the arch community, and i will immediately agree to your 

- D

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