[arch-dev-public] Where [erxtra] ends and [community] begins

Eric Belanger belanger at ASTRO.UMontreal.CA
Sun Oct 14 21:12:04 EDT 2007

On Sun, 14 Oct 2007, Damir Perisa wrote:

> Sunday 14 October 2007, Roman Kyrylych wrote:
> | IMHO Core and Extra should contain essential packages that are
> | used by majority of users.
> | But if some developer use some very specific niche package - it
> | shouldn't be in Extra, IMHO. Won't be Community or even
> | Unsupported enought for such packages?
> there is no such thing as a humble opinion
> if it is an essential pkg for a niche (i.e. molecular biology) and a
> dev is using it, then why not offering it officially?
> | Core/Extra means "official and well-supported" for most users.
> exactly
> | While Community/Unsupported is kind of "50 text editors more and
> | also that nice Gtk theme".
> that happens to be, yes.
> | IMVHO all games except those that are official part of Gnome and
> | KDE package sets and also rarely used scientific packages would
> | fit Community well, while can still be maintained by developers.
> stop being humble :) ... try being human :D
> why distinguish between the ones from gnome and kde and the rest?
> "rarely used scientific packages" - can you compare the usage of such
> a pkg to e.g. scribus? please show me the numbers of stats of the
> last year in the arch community, and i will immediately agree to your
> statement.

I don't know what people have against games or scientific packages.
The whole niche thing is subjective. One could argue that some core 
packages are niche packages like screen which is probably used by a 
minority of users. What about the wireless drivers? Tom has asked for 
testers for wlan-ng and no one came forward. We didn't concluded that 
it's a niche packages that should be moved to community.

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