[arch-dev-public] TU autonomy

Jeff 'codemac' Mickey jeff at archlinux.org
Wed Oct 17 12:51:15 EDT 2007

* On Wednesday, October 17 2007, Paul Mattal wrote:

>We should not assume the TUs will decide to stay under our roof.  Indeed, 
>many other international arch projects are not under our roof, and they 
>get along just fine.
>- P

I was just thinking about this as well Paul.  Most TU's take the position 
that they are autonomous from archlinux devs.  Which I think they _should_ 
be.  That's a really cool part of the Trusted User title.  You are acting 
on behalf of the community, not on behalf of archlinux.

I think any restrictions on what does and doesn't go in [community] would 
not be a good idea.  If we want to have a different purpose for a repo, 
let's make a new one...

Let's not give something to the community and then just renig on it.

    //  Jeff

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