[arch-dev-public] initscripts in testing

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Fri Oct 19 01:51:14 EDT 2007

Dan McGee schrieb:
> Two thoughts here, mostly for Tobias:
> * Version is 2007.08-4, shouldn't this be version 2007.10/11?

That's right. They should also include the new codename.

> * When you made the lo change, did you ensure it is backward
> compatable? Having lo in your network array shouldn't cause an error
> now, because every current user will have it.

I wrote a few lines for rc.sysinit and sent them to tpowa. It just
enabled lo with the default ifconfig line. If someone has lo in the
network settings, it will be enabled again, so no harm is done.

I think tpowa even included a check whether /sys/class/net/lo exists, so
there won't be an error message when you boot a kernel with network

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