[arch-dev-public] busy devs / offer to help on updates

Paul Mattal paul at mattal.com
Fri Oct 26 10:54:47 EDT 2007

Andreas Radke wrote:
> Some developer seem to be so busy to have no time for updates for
> several months. Users start to complain about it. I've seen it for
> eclipse and glade.

Eclipse is currently stuck waiting on eclipse 1.4 compatibility 
issues. The calculus is that it's better for all people to have a 
working 3.2.x for all than to have 3.3.x broken for some.

I'm working with David Rosenstrauch to get through that. It's been 
slow going, and I'm planning to kick something at least up to 
testing and to post a news item about dropping support for 1.4, at 
least temporarily, until we can sort this out.

If you have time to look into how we build eclipse preserving JDK 
1.4 compatibility (which David has confirmed is NOT preserved in our 
initial builds of 3.3.1) that would be a great help! Seems like no 
matter how much work we do on this, there's lots of dangling carrots 
but nobody telling us actually how to do it.

- P

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