[arch-dev-public] First list of removal candidates

Dan McGee dpmcgee at gmail.com
Sat Oct 27 11:41:15 EDT 2007

On 10/27/07, Eric Belanger <belanger at astro.umontreal.ca> wrote:
> Hi,
> As promised, here is a first list of removal candidates.  Please go
> through it to make sure we don't remove a package that, for some reason,
> should remain in extra. Some of the reason are actually questions
> (cvsup, gnome-system-tools, ksymoops, makedev, nail, rxvt_ja, rxvt) so it
> would be nice if someone can answer them. As said before, some of these
> packages are depends of community packages. Please just dicuss them for
> now. I would prefer to do the actual removal myself. I will do so in a few
> days after the discussion.
> =====================================
>   Package        Reason to remove it.
> =====================================
> asteroids3d     orphaned games
> atomix  orphaned games
> cgoban2 orphaned games
> cl-ppcre        unused lib
> cl-ppmx unused lib
> cl-sdraw        unused lib
> connmon sources not found/dead project
> cvsup   Can be replaced by csup which builds on both architecture.
> dmalloc orphaned/low usage
> easysock        dead project (or merged with libggz)
> eterm   only one that still depends on freetype1
> eventlog        unused lib
> fnlib   unused lib
> fortunelock     orphaned games
> gdsl    unused lib
> gimp-freetype   old, gimp plugin
> gimp-panorama-tools     can't be installed because one of its depends (panorama-tools) was removed as it was obsolete
> gkx86info       depends on gkrellm which has been moved to community
> glchess orphaned games
> glitz   unused lib
> gltron  orphaned games
> gnome-system-tools (in unstable)        replace with new package from AUR and move to Extra?
> gramofile       dead project
> gtetrinet       orphaned games
> gtk+extra       unused lib
> gtk-thinice-theme       theme for gtk, low usage, this type of pkg can be moved to AUR
> gtk2+extra      unused lib
> gtodo   AUR candidate, low usage
> hermes  unused lib
> javax-usb       orphaned/low usage
> ksymoops        Does it still work? It's a 2 yrs old kernel util. From the version number, it seems that it was for kernel 2.4
> libdivxdecore   orphaned/depreceated
> libesmtp        unused lib
> libgdamm        unused lib
> libggz  unused lib
> libghttp        unused lib
> libnss-mysql    unused lib
> libpixman       unused lib
> libproplist     unused lib
> libsafe unused lib
> libsvg-cairo    unused lib
> libunicode      unused lib
> lighthouseblue-gtk1     theme for gtk, low usage, this type of pkg can be moved to AUR
> lopster No more development based on this release is planned.
> makedev Do we need this anymore? What do we gain over mknod?
> metakit unused lib
> mgm     updated 2004, dead project
> mm      unused lib
> mowitz  unused lib
> mt-st   low usage: it's for Linux SCSI tape driver
> mtx     low usage: it's for tape drives
> nail    has been integrated into the Heirloom project as mailx. We already have another mailx package so we might as well remove nail
> napshare        last version dates from Jan. 2006, doesn't build
> neverball       orphaned game
> nurbs++ unused lib
> pclock  WM dockapp
> pdns-ldap       unused lib
> pdns-mysql      unused lib
> pdns-pgsql      unused lib
> peacock orphaned/low usage
> phpmyadmin      orphaned web package
> pwm     low usage: lightweight window manager
> rcs     obsoleted by more modern/popular SCM
> ringtonetools   old, low usage
> rxtx    orphaned/low usage
> rxvt_ja can be replaced by rxvt-unicode (I guess)
> rxvt    can be replaced by rxvt-unicode (I guess)
> sdlmm   orphaned/low usage
> shapelib        unused lib
> skyutils        unused lib
> spectemu        orphaned/low usage
> trackballs      orphaned game
> ucl     unused lib
> vcr     one of it's depends (avifile) has been moved to community
> wwl     low usage: ham-radio
> x264-svn (in unstable)  orphaned, stable version is in extra
> ========================================================

I don't have any problems with the above list. Great work Eric!


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