[arch-dev-public] 2007.11-0.3 TEST ISO, 1 week signoff

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Tue Oct 30 05:04:04 EDT 2007

K. Piche schrieb:
> Give or take the testing repo I'm always up to date!  :)  On my regular
> system:
> [22:50 kpiche at puffin ~]$ pacman -Q kernel26
> kernel26
> [22:50 kpiche at puffin ~]$ 
> and
> HOOKS="base udev autodetect ide filesystems"
> gives me hda.
> The ISO uses pata hook which gives sda.  Obviously my mkinitcpio.conf is
> old.  I'm still curious as to what the recommended module is...

We use pata as the default, because in the future, there will be no ide
anymore (althought that may take another year or two).

However, pata_sis is still experimental and I use the ide driver on my
desktop for stability reasons. Some older Intel chipsets had problems in
earlier versions, but I think those should all be fine now in 2.6.23.

The rule is: If there are strange messages during the boot process with
pata or access seems slow, use ide. Otherwise, use pata.

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