[arch-dev-public] X.Org 7.3 pre-release testing repo

Alexander Baldeck kth5 at archlinuxppc.org
Wed Sep 5 17:12:46 EDT 2007

Jan de Groot wrote:
> Well, I was thinking the same thing for Xorg 7.1/7.2 when Nvidia had
> these legacy drivers around. While I was updating things, I assumed
> nvidia would drop legacy support. In fact, they made a new release of
> the 71xx legacy drivers with Xorg 7.1/7.2 support. I see more problems

Hope it'll happen...

> with fglrx though, as ATi has never been good with drivers and new
> technology (neither new X servers, neither new ATI cards are supported
> completely).

I would like to hear from a fglrx user to what extend or even if it 
works. For me the latest nvidia drivers are unacceptable as they lock my 
machine every couple of minutes. I've tried stripping every single 
feature off of my configuration but in the end nothing helped. So I am 
stuck using nv now which I guess is fine as 3D on X11 is rather useless 
most of the time anyway and I don't play games. ;)

> IMHO we should not hold up development because of non-free programs. The
> IgnoreABI thing is something that "works", just like that harmless patch
> I added to GTK2 to get flashplayer working without assertions on Opera
> and Konqueror.

My thoughts exactly but like in our discussions about binaries using 
pkg-config --list-all on runtime, we'll get quite some negative 
feedback. heh



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