[arch-dev-public] New fglrx drivers - no official package.

Travis Willard travis at archlinux.org
Wed Sep 12 11:36:02 EDT 2007

Hey guys.

AMD's released their new radeon drivers, which are a complete rewrite. 
Exciting times, however AMD warns that these might not be production ready. 
After a bit of thought, I've decided to keep the 8.40.4 drivers in the repos
for now (especially since this new release doesn't add kernel 2.6.23 or xorg
7.3 support) but make a custom repo for the new drivers for those who want to

In the spirit of not doing things unilaterally, I'm notifying you all here. 
If there's no objection, I'll be posting an advisory to the forums later
(maybe tonight or tomorrow) that will say essentially the following:

Hi everyone, 

Today, AMD's 8.41.7 fglrx drivers, which are a complete rewrite of their
codebase which they have spent more than a year of work on, were released
today.	 On their release notes page, they offer the following recommendation:

[quote]Caution: 	AMD recommends that this release of the AMD Proprietary Linux
software driver not be used for distribution packages. Distributors should
continue to use the AMD Proprietary Linux driver version 8.40.4[/quote]
After some thought, I've decided to take this warning to heart, and will not
be packaging this version of the drivers 'officially'.

HOWEVER, tonight or possibly tomorrow I will be making packages for these
drivers and a custom repo to obtain them from if you wish to test them out -
these will not be 'official' archlinux packages, however, and the 8.40.4
release will remain in the repos until AMD releases a new version which they
feel is suitable for general use.

I will update this advisory once the new packages are available, and hope you
all understand my reasoning on this.

Any thoughts or suggestions, just reply to this thread. :)


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