[arch-dev-public] assembling new repos while old ones stay as-is

Damir Perisa damir.perisa at solnet.ch
Thu Sep 13 18:50:32 EDT 2007

Friday 14 September 2007, Aaron Griffin wrote:
 | Yeah. I thought of this. Our ftp installs will have problems. I
 | don't know the current incarnation of our installer well enough,
 | but what problems will this cause exactly? I was under the
 | assumption that as long as we put the right things in packages.txt
 | everything will work out fine. (I'm probably wrong though).

why not assemble the new [core] without doing any modifications on the  
[current]? creating a [extra2] that is replacing the extra and then 
just assemble these two new repos with the contents from the old ones 
you like. after finishing everything, just update pacman in the old 
repos to look for the new repos instead the old ones and release a 
new ISO.

this way, everything will work while you are migrating things and once 
done, the users can switch to the new repos. the old are dumped after 
a certain time. 

i'm having absolutely no time for arch this weekend, sorry. good luck 
with the game!

- D

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