[arch-dev-public] Important changes for all users, developers and TUs

Travis Willard travis at archlinux.org
Sun Sep 16 09:52:49 EDT 2007

On Sun, 16 Sep 2007 15:23:01 +0200
Thomas Bächler <thomas at archlinux.org> wrote:

> Hi lists,
> we made some changes to repositories and packages which I'd like to
> summarize here.
> 1) (everyone, including users):
> The current repository is gone. Instead, we have a slimmer core
> repository and the rest of the packages went to the extra repository.
> I won't discuss the reasons for that change here, but if necessary,
> I'd be happy to explain it in a later post.
> If any packages are missing, don't hesitate to post bug reports.
> A pacman update will add a /etc/pacman.d/core file and users should
> change all references in pacman.conf from current to core. We added
> symlinks for compatibility, so the name current should still work for
> a while.
> 2) (everyone, including users):
> The repository scripts on our server now support the pacman3 style
> package naming. Our repositories are now partially incompatible with
> pacman2, as it will fail to find some files. If you haven't updated to
> pacman3 yet, you can still manually download the libarchive,
> libdownload and pacman packages from the ftp and install them with
> pacman2.
> 3) (users)
> FTP installations are broken for now, maybe we will have time to fix
> them soon. Until then, use a base CD to install.
> 4) (developers and TUs)
> Related to 1) and 2), a new devtools package has been uploaded.
> Packages are not renamed any more when uploading. An exception to this
> is communitypkg, as the community scripts on the server haven't been
> updated to the pacman3 naming style yet. All devs are encouraged to
> use the new style names from now on.
> The currentpkg script is gone, instead there is a corepkg script now,
> as well as /arch/db-core{,64} on the server.
> 5) (developers and TUs)
> The gcc package has been split in gcc and gcc-libs. Packages must not
> depend on gcc anymore, all those packages should be changed to depend
> on gcc-libs. This allows us to use C++ applications without forcing
> users to have gcc installled. Please update your packages as soon as
> possible.
> 6) (developers)
> All former current packages are now in extra or core. We lost the
> mantainer data for those, so please adopt all packages that were
> previously yours. This also affects packages which were moved from
> extra to core.
> If I forgot anything, tell me.
> Keep having fun with Arch.
> Thomas

Two more points - 

1. (devs)

those of you running cvs update in your [extra]
repository may notice a ton of "file or directory not found" error
messages that won't go away on subsequent updates - these seem to be
things that were moved out of extra and into core. I don't know if CVS
has an option to remove these, but I just ran 

rm -r system/{bcm43xx-fwcutter,fuse,ntfs-3g,ntfsprogs}

and that got rid of 'em.

2. (devs and tus)

Secondly, I've attached a plain-text list of all apps in [extra] and
[community] that depend on GCC - please check these deps, and ensure
that they now depend on gcc-libs, unless for some obscure reason they
really do need the gcc compiler.

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