[arch-dev-public] Important changes for all users, developers and TUs

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Sun Sep 16 13:59:23 EDT 2007

Thomas Bächler schrieb:
> 5) (developers and TUs)
> The gcc package has been split in gcc and gcc-libs. Packages must not
> depend on gcc anymore, all those packages should be changed to depend on
> gcc-libs. This allows us to use C++ applications without forcing users
> to have gcc installled. Please update your packages as soon as possible.

Related to that: There are lots of packages that depend on libstdc++5
while they shouldn't.

Just a reminder: The only packages that should depend on libstdc++5 are
closed-source C++ programs that have been compiled with gcc 3.3 or
earlier. Any newer program or any program that is open source (and you
compile it yourself) will link against libstdc++.so.6 (NOT .5) and only
need gcc-libs as a dependency. Please check your packages:

extra/network/d4x/PKGBUILD - not needed
extra/network/bincimap/PKGBUILD - same
extra/system/gcc3/PKGBUILD - this one needs it
extra/system/jre/PKGBUILD - closed source, may need it
extra/system/gcc34/PKGBUILD - same as for gcc3
extra/system/filelight/PKGBUILD - I am fixing this now
extra/modules/fglrx-utils/PKGBUILD - closed source, may need it

community /modules/virtualbox-ose-additions-modules/PKGBUILD
These have it as a makedep, which I think is weird

community/x11/sancho-gtk/PKGBUILD -- dep libstdc++5
community/network/mldonkey/PKGBUILD -- dep libstdc++5
community/network/sopcast/PKGBUILD -- dep libstdc++5
community/network/mysqlcc/PKGBUILD -- dep libstdc++5
community/network/flock/PKGBUILD -- dep libstdc++5
community/gnome/gnome-cups-manager/PKGBUILD -- dep libstdc++5
community/system/acpitool/PKGBUILD -- dep libstdc++5
community/devel/openthreads/PKGBUILD -- dep libstdc++5
community/devel/sqlitebrowser/PKGBUILD -- dep libstdc++5

I don't think any of these needs it, please fix that.

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