[arch-dev-public] next major steps have to be planned

Andreas Radke a.radke at arcor.de
Tue Sep 18 16:26:49 EDT 2007

The repo shuffle is almost done. Next big tasks are pending. So i want
to discuss with you the order for the next steps and how much time we
need to finish remaining tasks.

1) Xorg is in testing for months. should we move it knowing some things
will be broken. Should it stay in testing for some more time. Give up
the bump and delay the upgrade?
It's not good to have such a big player in testing for so long. I'm
not sure if any other pkg we want to build in testing will link against
it and might make trouble later moving it to extra.

2) Pending big updates: db, heimdal, cups 1.3.x together with gpl
ghostscript. You all know how long the list of rebuilds will become...

3) We need to make sure all packages in core/extra have at least one
active(!) maintainer(not talking about wanted package divisions). Right
now we have 550(before core move)-700(now) orphaned packages. Even 112
orphaned core packages after the move. This is not acceptable! Also
some maintained packages keep waiting for updates for too long.

4) This brings us to the real repo cleanup. We had a Wiki side
collecting ideas for removal and somebody was talking about an improved
ArchStats. Both can help us. We should also leave the way how we choose
packages we bring into the repo from "hey, I like it so I bring it in"
to the needs of our users/community.

5) Move to another version control system. Was it a common decision to
move to svn? Then we should prepare the move well not to far away.

6) Setup a standard build tool for all devs: force everyone to make use
of a unionfs based devtool.

7) State of repoman?

I don't want to hurry from one chaos to the next one. But I also don't
want to see us again falling back and watch several months passing.


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