[arch-dev-public] SR 2007-09-24 * Dashboard update to modern Arch

Damir Perisa damir.perisa at solnet.ch
Tue Sep 25 06:31:14 EDT 2007

Monday 24 September 2007, Aaron Griffin wrote:
 | * Multiple Maintainers on the Dashboard
 | Yeah yeah this has been around for a while. We need to hack at our
 | django code, so we can have multiple maintainers per package.
 | Right now Eliott and Simo are the only ones with their hands in
 | this code. If anyone else has the desire to jump into this code,
 | please help out with this. It's something we are in dire need of.
 | * Multiple Architectures on the Dashboard
 | This is the same as above, BUT we need support for packages in all
 | architectures, AND the ability to assign different maintainers to
 | each architecture (not all of us can build for more than one
 | arch).

i have no django experience at all, sorry, but i have maybe some 
thoughts that may be helpful...

since i have a 64bit installation on my new laptop (no 32bit chroot 
because of lack of space), find myself being over the day able to 
build 64bit pkgs and in the evenings sometimes 32bit pkgs on my old 
machine (that has no display any more). 

i have around 300 pkgs i maintain. most of them are easy, since they 
do not change API or deps or anything crucial at all. however, with 
my current situation (i am looking for a bigger sata 2.5 harddrive - 
it needs to support parking the heads without flushing the cache), i 
have my pkgs out of synch for some time. i update it in 64bit but 
then only after some days in 32bit repo. with pacbuild, this could be 
helped also, but my suggestion is another:

instead of having one maintainer for pkgs per arch, why not 
have/assign two? what i mean is:

pkg XY
i686: name 1, name 2
x86_64: name 3, name 4

means: for the pkg XY, for the i686 pkg, name 1 is maintainer together 
with an optional second person name 2 
analogue it applies to the x86_64 pkg.

in most of the cases, this is not filled and one name is standing 
behind both archs... but in some cases, it may be helpful and is also 
giving credit. :)

- D

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