[arch-dev-public] testing status announcements table

Damir Perisa damir.perisa at solnet.ch
Tue Sep 25 17:41:36 EDT 2007

Tuesday 25 September 2007, Aaron Griffin wrote:
 | That sounds fine. Andy had the pkgdiff page out there too.
@ Andy: can you point me to the script you wrote for this? i may reuse 
some pieces maybe... 

 | Technically, to "fit the mold" and remove some admin strain from
 | gerolde, we should do it in Django, BUT if you get the business
 | logic down in PHP, the conversion and integration should be easy.
i really have to have a look at this django things... :) ... although 
maybe the first one will be in php.

 | If you want to do this, I have your back. It'd definitely be great
 | to have an interface to this stuff. Even better, seeing as this is
 | testing, to have other devs "sign off" - saying "this works for
 | me".
exactly my idea! 

is there an architecture paper of our databases on gerolde? can i have 
a table or two? what db's are we using? is there any documentation on 
it? how to query for packages, what are the fields named, things like 
this... i do not really want to reinvent the wheel ... but i can, if 
needed *smile*

i can do it also without a db, but it would be much easier this way.

 | If you're planning on doing this, keep us updated.

sure. i've added it to my todos. not shortterm, but maybe in a months 
time or so first progress may be seen, for sure.

- D

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