[arch-dev-public] Additional Package ISOs

Damir Perisa damir.perisa at solnet.ch
Thu Sep 27 21:22:53 EDT 2007

Friday 28 September 2007, Jason Chu wrote:
 | On Fri, Sep 28, 2007 at 01:59:00AM +0200, Damir Perisa wrote:
 | > Friday 28 September 2007, Aaron Griffin wrote:
 | >  | * A small script which constructs a repo from a list of
 | >  | packages, then runs mkisofs on it. This would allow users to
 | >  | very easily create a CD or DVD full of packages THEY want.
 | >
 | > +1
 | > maybe in addition to the script, if the downloading needs to
 | > happen at school (windows, mac!) it is maybe helpful to provide
 | > in addition an easy xsl(mozilla) or java tool for this (platform
 | > independend). or we provide the script in all platform versions.
 | > or the script is run by webinterface and the iso file is
 | > generated on the server a priori to downloading it.
 | -1 on the xsl or java tool at least initially.  I'm not going to
 | write it or maintain it... it will have to stay in sync with all
 | the other code we have in pacman.
not pacman but repositories. it would be a rewrite in java of pacman 
fetching and dependency resolving mechanism.

 | > instead i have a conter-proposition: we need a prespecified repo
 | > on optical drive in pacman.conf (e.g. /media/mobilerepo/os/i686
 | > or something like this) and then this huge additional medium has
 | > the repo at exactly this place. i think with a medium label kept
 | > unique and HAL you can make it mount automatically and always
 | > at /media/mobilerepo
 | I do mind automounting the medium to a special place.  If someone
 | needs to mount a repo DVD, there should be instructions somewhere
 | and it shouldn't be very hard to do anyway (1. edit
 | /etc/pacman.conf 2. mount DVD).  Doing something special to access
 | this DVD in a different place is a bad idea.

i agree about the "special". the idea behind special is to be "same" 
for all archlinux installations. this way, the 1) edit pacman.conf 
would just mean removing the #, since every machine mounts the 
additional media with additional repo on the same place. the whole 
thing however is purely detail. i agree with you that making it very 
special is not needed... but if somebody has two optical drives, the 
disc will be HAL-mounted in /media/cd or /media/cd1 or wherever, but 
if you specify a rule on the label for example, then it will always 
be where we want it to be, making editing pacman.conf obsolete.

- D

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