[arch-dev-public] Arch mirrors (discuss)

eliott eliott at cactuswax.net
Sat Sep 29 12:32:35 EDT 2007

> Since we don't have a lot of mirrors I don't think it's reasonable to
> do 2-tier mirror network.

Yeah. If people want to do their own 2nd tier model, they can always
use the wiki.

> I propose the following:
> 1) Any mirror that is not synced from rsync.archlinux.org should not
> be listed in pacman's mirrorlist. Users could add any preferred mirror
> from "Unofficial mirrors" section on Wiki is enought IMO.
> Similarly there's no reason to have a long list of unofficial mirrors
> on Get Arch page.
> 2) All official mirrors should provide and keep up-to-date the following info:
> a) FTP/HTTP/rsync URLs
> it is highly recommended that they are the same, so users could easily
> change which protocol they like to use in pacman's mirrorlist,
> we could even add a comment to each server in pacman's mirrorlist
> indicating whether alternative protocol is available
> b) bandwidth (sometimes there are even different limits for local vs
> foreign users)
> c) email address of admin
> e) timeframes when mirror is synced
> 3) All official mirrors are recommended to use the script from
> http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Local_Mirror#The_synchronization_script
> with SYNC_REPO=() or SYNC_REPO=(core extra unstable testing community iso)
> 4) outdated or incomplete mirrors should be removed from pacman's
> mirrorlist and hosts.alllow
> 5) we should limit the number of official mirrors, depending on the
> size of country/region (e.g. not 15 mirrors for Vatican and 2 for USA
> :-P)

These all seem like very reasonable to me.

So do you think it makes sense to have a "mirror list" page that is
perhaps linked off the downloads page?

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