[arch-dev-public] The move to SVN

eliott eliott at cactuswax.net
Wed Apr 2 12:30:04 EDT 2008

> So, uh, yeah.  Now that it's April 2 and I clearly didn't quit,
>  there's a new version of ABS in git that uses rsync to do its
>  business.  It's heavily based off Eliott's work, and tested decently
>  thoroughly, so I think it's good to go.  Thanks Eliott!
>  Basically, it expects the ABS tree to be stored on the server in the format:
>  ${RSYNC_ROOT}/{$ARCH}/${REPO}/*
>  Where RSYNC_ROOT is wherever the rsync stanza points to (currently
>  /srv/abs), ARCH is i686 or x86_64, and REPO is the repo.  Anything in
>  that tree will be synch'd for that repo.
>  I've currently got some static checkouts sitting in /srv/abs for each
>  repo that can probably just be updated (except for testing) on a
>  fairly-frequent basis with "cvs update" thanks to sticky-tags, and can
>  change to whatever svn method we need when we change to svn.
>  I wasn't sure how to get multiple repos checked out into the same dir
>  for testing, and didn't spend a lot of time looking at it since we're
>  switching to svn anyway.
>  Anyway, yeah.  New ABS is in git.  Whee.  I'll probably try to close
>  the one FS report I've got for makeworld and get some of the todo list
>  for makeworld completed before I actually tag as 2.0, though.  We'll
>  see how much I get done.

This is good news.
Thanks for all the work Travis.

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