[arch-dev-public] Drop the unstable repository

Tobias Kieslich tobias at justdreams.de
Mon Apr 21 13:31:25 EDT 2008

On Mon, 21 Apr 2008, Thomas Bächler wrote:

> Aaron Griffin schrieb:
>> On Sun, Apr 20, 2008 at 4:55 PM, Eric Belanger
>> <belanger at astro.umontreal.ca> wrote:
>>>  I don't mind wether we keep the rest in the unstable repo or move them in
>>> extra. If we move them in extra, we could add "Developement version" at the
>>> end of the package description to inform the user.
>> I'm fine with this here, if you all want to do it. I've only ever used
>> mplayer-svn once, and not for too long. /me shrugs
> It seems Pierre is indifferent, Andy is fine with moving his -devel 
> packages to extra and Eric and Tobias didn't really give an opinion.
Okay, ditch the repo and move the packages, some to AUR some to extra. I
totally concur, *-devel should be anough headups for normal users.


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