[arch-dev-public] 8 CPUs instead of 4?

Eric Belanger belanger at ASTRO.UMontreal.CA
Wed Apr 23 23:51:18 EDT 2008

On Sun, 20 Apr 2008, Thomas Bächler wrote:

> eliott schrieb:
>> Well.. if it isn't harmful in any way, and if we would do it on
>> x86_64, then we should also do it on i686. Having as consistent a
>> baseline as possible is good.
> Agreed.
>> As to actually doing it, are there any ramifications due to the
>> potential for tracking additional cpus (timeslice allocation
>> algorithmic changes?) that would be a noticeable performance inpact
>> for people running 2 or 4 cpus?
> "This allows you to specify the maximum number of CPUs which this
> kernel will support.  The maximum supported value is 255 and the
> minimum value which makes sense is 2.
> This is purely to save memory - each supported CPU adds
> approximately eight kilobytes to the kernel image."
> That's all they say about it.

+1 from me.
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