[arch-dev-public] CVS links in AUR?

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Sat Apr 26 13:21:05 EDT 2008

eliott schrieb:
>>  > http://www.archlinux.org/cvs/, but the information is wrong as well
>>  > (cvs.archlinux.org does not exist).
> I just added it back into the bind config. It should replicate out to
> the slave nameservers in an hour or so..

The information on the website should be updated anyway.

Issues right now:
1) There is no public SVN checkout method yet
2) The description should reflect that we use SVN and that community 
uses CVS (should mention where one can checkout community)
3) There is no web based viewing for community anymore

I think these should be fixed. How they should be fixed depends on how 
to quick community can move to SVN.

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