[arch-dev-public] Update to bluez 4.1: package rename, SONAME bump and new dbus interface

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Fri Aug 29 08:22:09 EDT 2008

So I took the time to update bluez to 4.1. The bluez-libs and 
bluez-utils packages have been merged into the bluez package.

The SONAME has been bumped to libbluetooth.so.3 and the dbus interface 
is incompatible to the one in bluez 3. bluez-gnome has been ported to 
the new interface (didn't update that, I guess it has a maintainer). 
Unfortunately, the rest might not be ported to bluez 4 yet, so this will 
probably stay in testing for a while.

Please use this thread to track any problems with this.

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