[arch-dev-public] Xorg-server 1.5RC6 enters testing

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Sun Aug 31 20:23:26 EDT 2008

Jan de Groot wrote:
> Xorg-server 1.5RC6 ( enters tesing. This version of
> xorg-server includes input hotplugging using hal, better EXA support and
> less memory usage.
> Note that this version requires an upgrade of all videodrivers.
> All videodrivers shipped with X.Org have been rebuilt to reflect this
> change. Nvidia drivers don't seem to need a rebuild, while AMD's
> catalyst drivers don't support the new X.Org version. Fglrx users should
> not upgrade to this version.
> Please give this version of X.Org an extensive test run and report bugs.

After upgrading, X failed to start with a message about libpciaccess.  
Installing that fixed the problem...  Is this a missing dep somewhere?

Apart from the RgbPath thing, no problems here (although I haven't 
looked into my X log file or tried anything with my xorg.conf).


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