[arch-dev-public] [arch-general] [signoff] kernel26

Tom K tom at archlinux.org
Mon Dec 15 02:46:52 EST 2008

Tobias Powalowski wrote:
> Am Montag 15 Dezember 2008 schrieb Pierre Schmitz:
>> Am Sonntag 14 Dezember 2008 22:11:26 schrieb Tobias Powalowski:
>>> Hi guys, new kernel adresses the following things:
>>> - bump to latest version
>>> please signoff for both arches,
>>> greetings
>>> tpowa
>> Are you sure those files should be in the package:
>> kernel26: /lib/modules/2.6.27-ARCH/modules.alias.bin existiert im
>> Dateisystem kernel26: /lib/modules/2.6.27-ARCH/modules.dep.bin existiert im
>> Dateisystem kernel26: /lib/modules/2.6.27-ARCH/modules.symbols.bin
>> existiert im Dateisystem
> hrm you are right those files are new.
> Which package do your files belong, which already exist?
> greetings
> tpowa
No package owns them. They're being produced by depmod since the 3.5 
update of module-init-tools.

I could be wrong, but I think the kernel is the only package that calls 
depmod in the build function - other packages that need depmod call it 
in post_install, which is why these files are not owned.

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