[arch-dev-public] Out-of-date orphans in extra

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Mon Dec 29 00:13:44 EST 2008


I have made a list of orphaned packages that are flagged out of date 

There are a few packages that are needed as dependencies for packages 
with maintainers:
bittorrent - archboot (Tobias P)
devil - cegui (Douglas)
libgda - qof (Douglas),
- abiwork-plugins (via libgnomdb; Giovanni)
- autopano-sift (via libgnomedb → gtk-sharp; Tobias K)
liblo - ardour (Tobias K)
taglib - many packages (Tobias P, Giovanni, Tobias K, Andreas, Jan, 
Jurgen, Ronald, Kevin)

There is also a bunch of bluez related packages that Geoffrey should be 
taking over.

Four packages have less that 1% usage but were kept in the last clean-up 
due to being i18n related. Should we be dropping these to the AUR if 
no-one is maintaining them? We are not helping international users much 
if these are not maintained.

Does any dev use autofs? It has three of the oldest bugs in the bug 
tracker and is way out of date...


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