[arch-dev-public] current e2fsprogs incompatible with grub

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Sat Feb 9 04:30:42 EST 2008

Xavier schrieb:
> That's funny, my first feeling when I read about that issue was :
> Why the hell did those developers put such stupid limitation? :)
> (or: did not remove)
> Well, my first result on google looks interesting :
> http://people.debian.org/~terpstra/message/20080130.140155.866d3ad1.en.html
> There is a patch attached, and the following information :
>> Even though I understand that grub(-legacy) is in feature freeze (grub2
>> does already support booting from ext3 partitions with 256 byte
>> inodes), I
>> personally would prefer an update to grub 0.97, given that this issue
>> leaves the (newly installed/ moved) system unbootable without any chance
>> for manual interaction (grub neither installs and dies without any
>> message)
>> and that the patch seems to be of reasonable size, while grub2 doesn't
>> seem
>> to be ready for mass deployment.

I checked the patch into CVS. If it is okay, I can rebuild grub with
this patch and check it into testing. Opinions?

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