[arch-dev-public] zsh, bash and filesystem

Pierre Schmitz pierre at archlinux.de
Wed Jan 2 05:30:36 EST 2008

Am Mittwoch, 2. Januar 2008 01:32:09 schrieb Jeff Mickey:
> I'm curious why you removed maildir-support and zsh-secure-free as flags to
> configure?  I understand that you are saying the etcdir, zshenv, zlogin,
> zlogout, and zshrc have zsh not read /etc/profile for some reason or
> another, but I don't understand why you'd remove free() checking and
> maildir support..

Don't worry about this. I did not remove those options for any reason; I just 
played around with compiling zsh. And those options are not relevant for my 

> And I've never gotten /etc/profile to be read in bash or zsh when I don't
> use a login shell, that's why my default for screen and urxvt are to open
> login shells for zsh.

I am a bit confused. If I use bash as my default shell, I can use xterm, 
Konsole etc. without any problems. E.g. locale is set correctly and I can 
read and write "umlauts".

Does xterm and co automatically use a login shell when using bash? Does bash 
propagate some global settings like LANG and INPUTRC even when not used as a 
login shell and zsh does not do this?


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