[arch-dev-public] kernel26 new logo

Damir Perisa damir.perisa at solnet.ch
Mon Jan 14 16:05:32 EST 2008

Monday 14 January 2008, Aaron Griffin wrote:
 | > I brought it up again since we've got the new logo on the site
 | > now, and people are making noise on the forums to get the kernel
 | > logo updated.  People are just hard to please, heh. :P
 | >
 | > Anyway, a decision should be made - either take 'em out, or
 | > update 'em.
 | Well, Thayer has recommended we remove it because the logo loses
 | most of the effect in the craptacular colors provided by the
 | initial VGA framebuffer.... me, I'm neutral. I don't reboot enough
 | for that image to be relevant.

send me the SVG of the logo and i'll try to make a kernel logo that 
tries to resemble the 24bit one. i did so for the last. 

the VGA framebuffer has a limited ammoutn of colours, you have to 
dither them to make them look nice. 

arend we having also a black/white version that looks fine? and also a 
grey version? 

- D

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