[arch-dev-public] Kernel framebuffer logo

Damir Perisa damir.perisa at solnet.ch
Thu Jan 24 16:54:31 EST 2008

Thursday 24 January 2008, Thayer Williams wrote:
 | I've been testing various forms of the new logo for use in the
 | kernel framebuffer and I still think the best implementation is to
 | use no logo at all. The inherint disadvatange is that more and
 | more monitors are widescreen these days and that means the logo
 | proportions are distorted (short and wide) in the framebuffer
 | since standard vga settings use a 4:3 ratio.
 | This is just my two cents of course, but I suggest that we remove
 | the logo from the framebuffer altogether.

i'm against using no logo. either we use the linux 2.0 penguin or our 
official logo. 

how did you test it, what did you try? what was wrong besides wrong 
proportions (that can be fixed specifying the right size of screen to 
the fb)? if you need some help transforming the logo to look nice, 
let me know,

- D


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