[arch-dev-public] Resurrecting old todolists

Roman Kyrylych roman.kyrylych at gmail.com
Wed Jul 2 02:51:13 EDT 2008

2008/7/1 Allan McRae <allan at archlinux.org>:
> Travis Willard wrote:
>> I've attached output from the script run over an SVN checkout.  I like
>> the svn repo structure - as you can see in the output, we can tell
>> which trunk PKGBUILDs are screwy, but also which ones in the repos are
>> screwy too (ie. if someone updated the trunk PKGBUILD, but hasn't
>> pushed the license out to the repos, we can easily see that.)
>> It's a bit verbose, but only because SO many packages are missing
>> licenses or have improper entries.
>> The script that generated this list is /home/travis/find-bad-licenses
>> run from /home/abs/checkout
> And because I was bored, here is a summary of the [core] packages from that
> list:
> bridge-utils (in trunk)
> corewars (missing in i686)
> dhcpcd (custom [BSD] not in /usr/share/licenses)
> dosfstools (in trunk)
> e2fsprogs (custom [MIT] not in /usr/share/licenses)
> gen-init-cpio (custom [custom:none] not in /usr/share/licenses)
> hdparm (custom [BSD] not in /usr/share/licenses)
> heimdal (in trunk)
> hwdetect (custom [custom:none] not in /usr/share/licenses)
> ipw2100-fw (in trunk)
> ipw2200-fw (in trunk)
> ipw3945-ucode (missing)
> ipw3945d (missing)
> isdn4k-utils (in trunk)
> klibc (custom [BSD] not in /usr/share/licenses)
> libdownload (custom [BSD] not in /usr/share/licenses)
> libsasl (in trunk)
> mailx (custom [BSD] not in /usr/share/licenses)
> nessus-core (in trunk)
> netkit-telnet (in trunk)
> popt (custom [MIT] not in /usr/share/licenses)
> ppp (custom [custom:GPL/BSD] not in /usr/share/licenses)
> rt2500 (in trunk)
> xinetd (in trunk)

not all of them are from [core], e.g. corewars ;-)

Roman Kyrylych (Роман Кирилич)

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