[arch-dev-public] Multilib on Archlinux x86_64

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Tue Jul 8 14:36:42 EDT 2008

Andreas Radke schrieb:
> You must have mixed the mailing lists!

Actually, no.

> Arch64 was founded to never have support for 32bit compatibilty. So
> move this into the community/AUR list.

Yeah, maybe, and I am extending it.

> I give you a strict -1 for any 32bit compat stuff in our officially
> supported repos as I already told you in private discussions. I've
> spent several weeks if not even months to make it as clean as possible.

What you are saying is that by adding an extra capability (again, 
separate repository, nothing to pollute core or extra in any way), we 
destroy the clean-ness of your so clean (and yeah, it is clean) system. 
That's just irrational.

The fact that you don't quote a single line from my posting tells me 
that you haven't even read any of my propositions. Why don't you give 
technical arguments instead of making this personal?

The reason I want to maintain this on our ftp is that I want it to be 
easily accessible to our devs and users, as I can't maintain it alone. 
The reason I don't want this (at least the core of it) in community is 
that I want it to be separate from the rest.

Besides, unless you want to maintain the packages or use them by 
activating the repository in pacman.conf, you won't even notice it's there.

> It would be a reason for me to stepdown here!

Now you're just being childish!

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