[arch-dev-public] Multilib on Archlinux x86_64

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Tue Jul 8 17:25:32 EDT 2008

Andreas Radke schrieb:
> It's more a question what Arch64 was founded for: to be the bleading
> edge leading _pure_ 64bit distro around. That's been its goal since the
> project has started. And I think we did a good job.
> You may have missed the early discussions when we made decisions that
> we don't want (though we have could have) multilib compatibility and
> bi-arch gcc. That was a strict law. It was our way to push the efforts
> to once get it the same level where the x86 world is.

I missed the discussions, maybe. But this is not a discussion we had a 
few years ago, this is the discussion we are having now. And just saying 
"A few years ago, we wanted it this way" is not a good reason.

> Offering 32bit compat stuff always means to make it easy for users

No, not to make it easy, but make it possible. As I said in my reply to 
Daniel, I need a 64 bit OS, but I also need mixed 32/64 bit environments.

> but takes much pressure from companies and opensource developers give
> the x86_64 architecture the time and responsibility it is worth. You
> can compare it to the question to support closed source stuff or not.
> We made our decision long ago. So please respect it.

We never denied closed source software out of principle. We always made 
things "just work". I want standard applications to "just work", without 
having to bother about which architecture I am on.

Now, again, you gave me a list of ideological reasons not to do it, but 
where exactly is the point where this damages your "pure" system 

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