[arch-dev-public] Testers needed for new TeXLive packages!

Firmicus Firmicus at gmx.net
Sat Jul 26 09:39:49 EDT 2008

< For TeXnical Archers only ;) >

I have prepared new packages of texlive in anticipation of the imminent 
release of TL 2008, which will coincide with the replacement of tetex by 
texlive in [extra]. Since TL is a big beast to package and test, I need 
your help!

The packages are available for i686 and x86_64 in a temporary 
repository. Add this to pacman.conf

Server = http://dev.archlinux.org/~francois/texlive/os/i686 (or x86_64)

And then please read http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/TeXLive_2008 

Thanks in advance,


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