[arch-dev-public] Dropping lots of packages

Simo Leone simo at archlinux.org
Thu Jun 19 18:19:01 EDT 2008

On Thu, Jun 19, 2008 at 01:27:40PM -0500, Aaron Griffin wrote:
> Sooo... without mincing words here, what role is it that you want to
> play? I keep having to deal with some of the administrava that I
> thought you were in charge of (new TUs, forum passwords, etc etc), I
> was hoping we'd have a new ISO release by the time I got my internet
> back at home, and I had to bring on 2 people with AUR commit access
> because the patch queue was getting too long.
Without getting too defensive here, I'm well aware that I've added to
your admin workload which is already enormous, but I can only think of
a few times offhand. Either way, I apologize. As for the ISO release
and the AUR, all I can really say is what I said in my status reply,
my motivation with regard to Arch took a nose dive. A worthwhile
suggestion which I hope you consider would be to have at least two
people working on projects at all times, in case one suddenly loses
interest. Having multiple people working on things may even be a
preventative measure against loss of interest, and serves as a sanity
check to reduce bad code and bad decisions as well. I'm aware that you
have 40ish developer applications in your inbox, it's not very aparent
to me why we don't already have multiple people on each project.

> So, could you, at the very least, push your ISO related changes to
> gerolde so that someone (most likely me) else can pick up where you
> left off.
Sure no problem. Believe it or not I recently (like within the last
couple days) got back on this one, so you can expect to see some pushes
soon. We all know it's bad to develop solo in the dark, so if I had
something to push I would have pushed it already. Fact is, I haven't
really been working on it until super recently.

> And please let me know what role you are actually thinking of taking
> on here, because I can't seem to figure it out.
Makes two of us. I was kind of thinking of keeping with what I've
already been doing, which is sort of a jack of all trades with a focus
on the web admin and liveCD stuff. Although now that Eliott is gone (for
reasons which remain a mystery to all of us, maybe lack of tacos?), I'm
the only one in charge of the web admin-ey stuff once again, which as I
said earlier, is a bad thing.

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