[arch-dev-public] cleaned-up apache package

Pierre Schmitz pierre at archlinux.de
Fri Jun 20 09:09:59 EDT 2008

Am Freitag, 20. Juni 2008 14:51:53 schrieb Dale Blount:
> What were our modifications to the custom configs?  Anything done for
> the user that is now manual should be a note in post_install (or a link
> to the wiki with required changes).

There were things like pre-configured php-support, an ssl-howto and an 
index.html with the /old) arch logo. Of course there will be an install 
message before moving to extra. For everything else there is excellent 
documentation at apache.org.

> +1 on the change from /home, but I don't think /usr/share is the right
> place.  /usr should be able to be mounted read-only except when software
> is changed.  That's something you can't do if you keep websites
> there.  /var/www or /srv/www are much better choices.

You got me wrong. :-) /usr/share is used only for the datadir. According to 
configure this is for "read-only architecture-independent data". And those 
things should stay in /usr/share. There is no pre-configured documentroot 
where you have to put your webpages. That's up to the user who has to adjust 
httpd.conf to his needs. Nobody should put his web content 
under /usr/share. :-) But there will be an install message about this.

> +1 with a big note in post_install that this change is coming.  I'd like
> to see all these changes in one Apache to not have two long downtimes
> when upgrading.

There "should" be no downtime for upgraders because I have only change the 
default config. (But maybe I have missed something)


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