[arch-dev-public] Libtool issues

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Tue Mar 4 04:50:11 EST 2008

Tobias Kieslich schrieb:
> 	Doing my exiv2 update I saw that this time really some packages must
> be rebuilt. However, digikam can't be rebuilt because it depends on a
> libgphoto2 that was rebuilt with libtool-1.x based version. libgphoto2
> can't be rebuild with libtool2 because it just bails. I have not found
> any patch/hint how to fix that. Can anyone come up with an idea? I have
> no real libtool experience.
> 	-T

I tried to rebuild guile yesterday, as xbindkeys was failing me. 
However, it failed due to a linking error and I didn't have time to 
investigate further.

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