[arch-dev-public] [signoff] gcc 4.3.0 and related toolchain updates

Tobias Powalowski t.powa at gmx.de
Sat Mar 22 02:37:54 EDT 2008

Am Freitag, 21. März 2008 schrieb Jan de Groot:
> Gcc 4.3.0 has been in testing for a while together with its related
> toolchain updates (glibc, kernel-headers, binutils).
> At this moment we've built OpenOffice.org for both architectures and
> GNOME 2.22 for x86_64 with this compiler without noticable problems.
> Produced binaries are roughly 5-10% faster than with the old compiler.
> Tobias and I would like to have this one in core for the new release, as
> the new kernel and all modules have been built with it also.

signoff from my side for i686 and x86_64 system boots fine and all modules 

Tobias Powalowski
Archlinux Developer & Package Maintainer (tpowa)
tpowa at archlinux.org
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