[arch-dev-public] dhclient: fixed two bugs in extra

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Sun Mar 30 04:39:23 EDT 2008

I uploaded dhclient 3.0.6-2 which fixes two bugs:

- fix-broken-resolvconf.patch
dhclient-script only generates a new resolv.conf if the DHCP server 
transmits a domain name. However, the DHCP specifications don't require 
a DHCP server to do that. This was reported to ISC in 2004 IIRC and they 
never even looked at it.
This patch fixes resolv.conf generation, such that resolv.conf is always 
generated if the DHCP server transmits at least one DNS server. I 
actually fixed this half a year ago, and didn't upload it.

- fix-mac80211-wireless.patch
I was trying to find this bug for over half a year and just now found 
out it is dhclient's fault (partially).
dhclient/dhclient-script brings the interface down and up again on 
several occasions. This was never a problem in the past, but with a 
mac80211 driver, this results in an unusable interface until you 
reassociate (the RUNNING flag in ifconfig is missing).
The interface was brought by dhclient-script down on occasions where 
bringing it down isn't even necessary, but it suffices to simply delete 
the ipv4 data (which was done anyway). This patch fixes the problem by 
removing the "down" keyword from all ifconfig lines in dhclient-script, 
as the script is never required to actually bring the interface down.

One of the occasions when dhclient would bring the interface down and up 
again was a DHCPNAK. As a NAK is very common when you switch between 
several wireless networks, as you may try to REQUEST a lease which has 
not expired yet and get a NAK as the network you are on now is 
different. This essentially broke all mac80211 driver when using 
wireless roaming with dhclient and long lease times.

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