[arch-dev-public] New DBs and the force flag

Aaron Griffin aaronmgriffin at gmail.com
Thu May 22 18:13:27 EDT 2008

So, thanks to Xavier for noticing there is a bit of an issue with the
force flag.

Older packages do not have the FORCE flag set in the actual package
file itself, so regenerating the DBs means that those kinda went poof.
Additionally, the repo-add version that respects the FORCE flag in the
packages was not on gerolde (it was still running pacman 3.1.0) at the
time of generation.

I'd like to suggest all of you who use the FORCE flag, or have
PKGBUILDs with the force flag do the following:

* reevaluate if it's still needed. I would guess if it hasn't needed a
'force' since before the last ISO, then we should be fine.
* rebuild old packages that still need it, and resubmit
* if it is a newer package, re-submit it to the db by copying to your
staging dir.

I will do some of this work, when I get home tonight. Would anyone be
willing to throw together a quick list of packages that need checking?

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