[arch-dev-public] New DBs and the force flag

Xavier shiningxc at gmail.com
Thu May 22 18:43:21 EDT 2008

Aaron Griffin wrote:
> So, thanks to Xavier for noticing there is a bit of an issue with the
> force flag.
> Older packages do not have the FORCE flag set in the actual package
> file itself, so regenerating the DBs means that those kinda went poof.
> Additionally, the repo-add version that respects the FORCE flag in the
> packages was not on gerolde (it was still running pacman 3.1.0) at the
> time of generation.
> I'd like to suggest all of you who use the FORCE flag, or have
> PKGBUILDs with the force flag do the following:
> * reevaluate if it's still needed. I would guess if it hasn't needed a
> 'force' since before the last ISO, then we should be fine.
> * rebuild old packages that still need it, and resubmit
> * if it is a newer package, re-submit it to the db by copying to your
> staging dir.

Just one bit missing :
force=y is *not* supported by makepkg.
Only options=('force') works, because this is the standard way to 
specify options in makepkg.

> I will do some of this work, when I get home tonight. Would anyone be
> willing to throw together a quick list of packages that need checking?

It is easy to find all package using force flag, at least with abs tree:
find /var/abs/ -name PKGBUILD | xargs egrep  "force=y|options=.*force"

This returns 65 PKGBUILDs here. 20 of them are in community, but these 
require the same checking.
34 of these 65 pkgbuilds still use force=y.

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