[arch-dev-public] New packages in extra: archlinux-themes-ksplash and archlinux-themes-kde

Thayer Williams thayer at archlinux.org
Thu May 29 18:09:37 EDT 2008

A bit late for a announcements, but I've added a new ksplash package
to extra. It contains:

  * new archlinux-simplyblack ksplash theme
  * the original ksplash (now archlinux-retro) theme

I will also be adding a general kde theme package. It will initially contain:

  * shutdown logo
  * kmenu icon(s)
  * optional user pic

This package will also pull the following as deps:

  * archlinux-themes-kdm
  * archlinux-themes-ksplash
  * archlinux-wallpaper
  * archlinux-artwork

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