[arch-dev-public] [draft] pkgstats: contribution was never that easy

Pierre Schmitz pierre at archlinux.de
Thu Nov 6 20:10:43 EST 2008

Am Friday 07 November 2008 01:41:13 schrieb Douglas Soares de Andrade:
> Great !!
> I already tested and it worked great. Pierre, im just curious how you
> are receiving user responses, i see it sends the output of a pacman -Q,
> but how do you get/use it ?

At first: I disabled the Serverpart until I have done some chagnes. (I just 
thought it would be cool to not only track official packages but all; this 
could be helpfull to see what is popular in AUR). I'll send an mail when it 
finally can be used.

I save the following:

* The users arch, ip and time of submission
* I count every package per arch

> Thanks a lot, it is really great too =)
> What about sending the user at hostname info to it too ? I guess it can
> help to prevent repeated data (pardon if im talking bullshit), just
> thought about that thinking in the same user sending pkgstats everyday
> so we will end the month with at least 30 packages flags.

There is nothing we can do prevent anyone from abusing it. But I hope Archers 
are all cool people. :-) And: the more people will submit their lists the 
better are the results.


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